Bernadette C.Waystack Fine Art Studio

Artist Statement

I am a painter of prayers striving to create visual psalms of joy, lament or contemplation that can capture the sense of spirit and grace in a particular place and time. In my paintings I seek not simply to reference, but to reverence the divine in daily life.  My process involves ritual and meditation. The methods and materials with which I paint and the subjects and themes I explore vary. My style ranges from representational to more abstracted views.


Certain archetypal imagery persists in my work that will not be denied: rivers, paths and roads; the moon; architectural elements or other objects made by human hands. I have begun to understand them as symbols that are twofold. They speak to me as a way in which I can celebrate and revere the relationship among humanity, nature and the divine. They have become my visual vocabulary, a vehicle for personal storytelling through the use of landscape as narrative.


Humans respond to the landscape because we have been wired to from our earliest beginnings. We are in relationship with the land and connected to it in a deep and mystical way. In my art I seek to pay homage to the sacred in all and encourage the viewer to reflect on their part in it. If I can be still within myself I find that I am directed in the way in which I should proceed. The goal remains the same each time I paint: to be a channel for creating in harmony with the divine.


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